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CSV to SharePoint Import

Importing CSV files into SharePoint Custom Lists and more

SharePoint Csv Import software allows you to import data and attachments into Microsoft SharePoint


  • Attachments
  • Comma Delimited Files (CSV)
  • Tab Delimited Files
  • Other Delimiters
  • Allows carriage returns within column data when data is within double quotes 
  • Allows line feeds within column data when data is within double quotes
  • Double quotes within double quotes supported (with 2 double quotes)
  • Caters for carriage return and carriage return line feeds in data. Most import tools including Excel break to a new record when they see CR or CR LF even if it is within double quotes (they should not). Rich Text is usually full of CRLF and CR.

Sample CSV file to be imported (viewed in Excel)
CSV File Sample

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SharePoint CSV Import

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