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ExportWiz Release Notes

ExportWiz 2010 (version 3.0)
Release date: June 1st 2010

New Features

Full support for Excel 2007

Supports up to 1048576 rows with Export 2007 and above (was 65536 version 2.6)

1.      Automated update routine. Will upgrade your current ExportWiz database design (runs from ExportWiz database menu not from optional installable executable).

Ability to add meaningful label to filter prompts rather than just the internal field name

Add FormulaLocal option to Excel Options under Output Options

Add support for field list added as attachment.

Ability to launch reports from another Lotus Notes application

Added 3 different ways launch ExportWiz reports.  One option was previously available in limited form.

  • Run Report s/Modify/Create Report/Quick report option
  • Run Reports only option
  • Run specific report option

User Configuration – Set ExportWiz variables with button

Set Default View – users personal setting under User Configuration

Added New Views (under Advanced)

  • Report Definitions By Editor
  • Report Definitions By Reader
  • Report Definitions By Template

New button called “Button” in Report Definition that allows you to create formula to run this specific report from another Lotus Notes application

Added ability to Append Sibling Reports (Append option in Output Options - Excel Options)

Ability to insert field name into Method/View/folder query

Ability to insert field name into field large formula

Ability to validate formula in Method/View/folder

Ability to validate formula in field large formula


Updates or Fixes

Make chart and Pivot tables work with Excel 2007

Fix Pivot Table file save issue when autoupdate under data was on resolved.

Excel Template Save Errors Reported within Excel user interface dialog box. Logged to ExportWiz UpdateTemplateLogs view.

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