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Frequently Asked Question

Form A has one or more doclinks to Form B which then has an embedded attachment. I want to export the data from form A into a Text or Excel format and also include the contents of Form B including it's attachment name. One export record per Form A/doclink. Lotus Notes 5 does not appear to give me the cabability of referencing Form B via the doclinks. Could your software accomplish this task?
Our MailExportWiz software will recognize and export document link information but is probably not the right tool for your requirements. ExportWiz probably fits your requirements better but does not have that exact functionality. We would need to write customized code in Notes 6 and above. We can also do it for notes 5 but need to write and install a DLL. I don't think you will find any product that does what you require exactly. It will need to be specially developed. We can help if you are interested.