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With large corporate customers such as Bank of America, EDS, Sony, ADP, Siemens and many, many more who have completed large scale multi user conversions using our products we get great feedback nearly every day. Please find a small sample of the feedback we get that has been specifically provided as testimonials for our website. If you need references, although we are very wary about bugging our previous large scale clients, if you are looking into large scale migration/conversions yourself we may be able to put you in contact with someone.
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I just wanted to pass on my thanks for your EddieExport product. I bought a single user licence to enable me to export my Lotus Notes email, including a 6GB archive to Outlook PST and it worked perfectly. A fantastic product, from the ease of ordering and instant supply of the licence key, the speed of conversion and the quality of the final output. Well done :-)


(FYI OK to use this as a testonomial if you want, however can I ask that you simply use my first name - Thanks!)

Fullduplex Asia Pacific Pte Ltd - Singapore

Great piece of software [EddieExport].

Well done.


Gordon Lamb
Fullduplex Asia Pacific Pte Ltd

Brookfield Homes - USA

Although my company migrated from Lotus Notes to Microsoft Exchange in 2006, I was informed last week that I needed to access email messages for several users from the Notes database dating back to 2005. Although I was able to restore the NSF files needed, I was no longer able to access the files using Notes. I had looked at several high-priced NSF to PST conversion applications, none which provided me with the ease and affordability. Luckily, a colleague told me about XitNotes and I gave it a try. I could not believe how easy, quick and affordable it was to convert 4 NSF files using the XitNotes application.

I highly recommend XitNotes to anyone needing a utility such as this. It's definitely the most cost-effective solution available and the support provided was excellent!

Rick Henson
IT Manager
Brookfield Homes
Danville, CA USA

Mit freundlichen Grüßen - Germany

This is just for your information. The export from Lotus Notes to Exchange has worked perfect. Thank you very much for your excellent software and your patience answering silly questions. Excellent Service!
You definitely may use this as a reference.

Kind Regards

Karl Brigl
System Administrator

CFO at Euroloan Consumer Finance PLC

Just give me a holler if you need a glowing review - the software works like a dream, it's fast, efficient and affordable (especially compared to the alternative), and your customer service is excellent. I'll certainly recommend you to the big companies I know using Notes/Domino. I trust your batch version works just as well?

Kind regards,

Jonas Lindholm

CFO at Euroloan Consumer Finance PLC
(ex IT Manager and VP at ABB, Director & BA Head at KPMG, VP at Pöyry)

p.s. I think I just gave you the review above :-)

[Healthcare Company] - Sweden

Hi Kim,

Thanks for your assistance - I did however purchase the Standard edition [ExportWiz 2010] yesterday since I tried the free demo version and felt its potential. My new version works fine.

I must say this is the best add-on tool I have seen [for Lotus Notes].

Mattias Nilsson

L3 Titan Group - USA

Tuesday I went in to the office and created a new archive file and archived all of the mail that was still stored on the server. I didn't realize that Notes saved messages that were thought to be deleted. All told, my user had over 20000 messages transfer to the .pst yet the transfer didn't take nearly as long as we suspected it might. I appreciate the personal attention and the quality of the product. I recommend the product without hesitation to anyone who wants to migrate mail from Notes to Outlook. It is pretty much dummy proof (though I did try my best to test the limits of that statement).

Again, thank you for an awesome product and support to match!

Gil Cintron

Epic Energy - Australia

Thanks very much, gotta say it's a sweet program [XitNotes].

I think it was far easier and faster than Microsoft's Exchange Migration Wizard.


Sean Tanham
Epic Energy

GIS Corp - USA

I am stunned - we used your tool [DetachIt] on DBs - worth of 5 years data's ( 100K docs worth 50GB data)

It worked perfect- On top I got an excel sheet I could import in my DB2.

In 1 week I had all the conversion done - thx to your awesome tool.

You saved my migration.

I am deeply impressed.

Excellent tool.

Many Regards


Pros: Worked perfectly, converted over 10GB of LN data, flawless conversion to outlook, great support

Cons: None to mention

Summary: I wanted the ability to take my calendar, contacts, and email (over 10GB worth) with me when I was getting ready to leave my employer of 5+ years but everything was in Lotus Notes (I wanted to convert it to MS Outlook - b/c I had a copy of MS Office w/ Outlook on my home computer). This program worked amazing in comparison to the other programs I also paid for to convert my data. Overall I was very happy with the purchase and it was well worth the cost (even though I don't normally like to pay for software)! Support was also great in answering a question I had about the NSF files. -Brian

Magaldi - Australia

Hi Kim,

I have used XitNotes today to transfer my locally archived files to Outlook.

It worked perfectly. Something like 2400 documents were transferred.

No problems at all.

It is very pleasing when something just works!

Many Thanks,

Peter Siers

Stockholm, Sweden


It's a great piece of software [XitNotes]. We hesitated initially since it seemed pretty expensive given the fact it will be used just once, but after a lot of problems with the Notes connector (both IBM and MS) we gave it a shot. Too bad we didn't go with it from the beginning.


Håkan Stork
Stockholm, Sweden


MailExportWiz has saved me a considerable amount of time and effort.
I have successfully exported several databases containing hundreds of documents and attachments to CD. Without this application I would have been spent days copying individual documents to disk. MailExportWiz produced the information I required in a matter of minutes.
I have also been extremely impressed with the quality and prompt responses to my queries.

Lynne O'Farrell - IBM UK

Lifestyle Media Inc -New York, NY, USA


What an amazing product [ExportWiz]. I installed the software and in less than twenty minutes our list was pulled from Lotus and stored in an excel file. This product is great and it was truly special being able to find you on the internet. It has my FULL endorsement. Thanks again for taking the time out to speak with me as well. Have a great day!

Jaret Grann
Lifestyle Media Inc
New York, NY, USA


P.S. Great product [ExportWiz], I was struggling for about a day and half with our IT manager trying to get the data out of our support database. One of my colleagues found your site, we downloaded a trial version and built a report in under 10 minutes!

Stuart Bridger