Frequently Asked Question
MailExportWiz creates log entry saying that it can't export attachment
Everything seems to work, but the logs have: 00001: Notes Error: File cannot be created (t:\ln\export\Agreissm\Attachments\00001a att1.hhtm) Is there something simple going wrong? Otherwise your product looks very good.
Is it just one file that will not export? It could be something as simple as you do not have access to write files to the t:\ln\export\Agreissm\Attachments\ directory or that you network software does not allow files names larges than 8 characters (Some older network software has this limitation). If you have an 8 character limit then you could export to a local drive and later copy the whole new directory structure over (you would loose the long file names). There are some instances where attachments can not be export and a log entry is created. You may then open the problem document by highlighting the log entry and clicking the Open document the button in the log document. You can then extract the attachment manually. This happens mainly with MAC files. There is a note in limitations section of the help. Did the mail body get exported? Did other attachments get exported?