Without Lotus Notes - No Notes

How can you convert data without Lotus Notes?

Don't have Lotus Notes?

There is no software available anywhere that will read the proprietary Lotus Notes database (NSF file) format without the Lotus Notes client software (PC based version of Lotus Notes) installed.

Lotus Notes PC software must be installed to use any of our or any applications that read or write to or from Lotus Notes databases (NSF files).

We can convert your data for a small fee. Please see Services.

However you may download a fully functioning trial copy of Lotus Notes from IBM for evaluation purposes. You can also purchase Lotus Notes from IBM.

You can download an evaluation copy at www.lotus.com in the Trials and Betas section (or downloads section)

You must download a version equal to or greater than the version your NSF files are stored in.

If you do a Google search for "Lotus Notes download" the first non sponsored link points to a trial download at IBM (please note this may change in the future)


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