Convert Lotus Notes Rich Text to SharePoint (Microsoft)

Convert Lotus Notes RTF (Rich Text) to SharePoint, via the many importable formats (HTML, XHTML, PDF, Rich Text, CSV, Text, Attachments, Inline images and more...).

DetachIt is the smarter, faster, time-saving way to migrate or archive Lotus Notes information to various easy to handle formats while being simple to use. Designed for IT professionals or business people alike.

Start converting RTF to SharePoint today and get productive now!

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Customer Feedback

I am stunned - we used your tool [DetachIt] on DBs - worth of 5 years data's ( 100K docs worth 50GB data). It worked perfect- On top I got an excel sheet I could import in my DB2.

In 1 week I had all the conversion done - thx to your awesome tool.

You saved my migration. I am deeply impressed. Excellent tool.

Many Regards
GIS Corp - USA