EddieExport Licensing

EddieExport is licensed by User Mailbox

EddieExport Licensing

EddieExport is licensed per source Lotus Notes main mailbox and address book. It is not licensed by the destination Outlook or Exchange mailbox of which you can export to one or many as required.

1 license is require for each server based mailbox or main mailbox (which can be a local mailbox or even an archive mailbox) and each address book. Associated archives may be exported as well.

Archives (archive folder databases)

Associated archive databases also know as archive folders (which are actually separate mailbox databases) may be exported as well as long as they are associated with the main mailbox (associated based on the actual data).

Please export your main mailbox before exporting archives. If you only have archives just choose the largest one first (that becomes your main mailbox).

Main Mailbox

The main mailbox is the designated mailbox you allocate your individual license to. If you have multiple licenses one license will be associated with each main mailbox. The main mailbox is either a server based mailbox (one server based mailbox per license) or a local mailbox or an archive mailbox. If you want to export a server based mailbox you should allocate your license to that as a first preference.

For each mailbox and address book you export a license is required. In other words a single license allows you to export 1 mailbox and 1 address book. You may run it on as many PC as needed but you must have a license for each Lotus Notes mailbox and address book (that is for each source mailbox and address book).

Licensing FAQ

Question: Can I export multiple users with a single license if I run it on one PC.

Answer: No. You can not export multiple users data with a single license. Not even on one PC. A license is required for each unique users data files.

Question: Can I export all of my archive files with a single license. I have many of them one per year for the last 8 years.

Answer: Yes as long as they are your own personal data files, i.e. they have your data in them not other users.

Question: We have multiple mail in databases on the server how many licenses do we need for these.

Answer: 1 license per server based database.