ExportWiz Edition Features

ExportWiz Edition Features Table

ExportWiz Edition Features

Which ExportWiz edition has the features I need?

Features Lite Standard Professional
Export to Excel Yes Yes Yes
Use predefined Excel templates to accurately format output - Yes Yes
Save Excel formatting automatically back to ExportWiz database - Yes Yes
Excel Sorting - Yes Yes
Excel Multi Sheet / multi data areas reports - Yes Yes
Export to CSV Yes Yes Yes
Export to Delimited Text Yes Yes Yes
Caches Notes design elements for faster performance Yes Yes Yes
Display hide directories or templates from wizards (ie. to hide mail files etc) Yes Yes Yes
Select local or network drive databases Yes Yes Yes
Browse Form data in Wizard Yes Yes Yes
Databases in per report/export 1 unlimited unlimited
Views per report/export 1 unlimited unlimited
Forms per report/export (Query mode - not view) 1 unlimited unlimited
Maximum output fields 6 unlimited unlimited
Maximum output records 50 unlimited unlimited
Report Logging Yes Yes Yes
Security on Excel Templates - Reader and Editor Yes Yes Yes
Security on Report Definitions - Reader and Editor Yes Yes Yes
Return response documents in relation to main documents (If queried can be returned separately anytime) - Yes Yes
Merge Response Document Information with main document - Yes Yes
Explode Multi-valued fields in unison - Yes Yes
Explode all combinations of selected Multi-valued fields - Yes Yes
Prompt for filter criteria option on each run. i.e. date range or search criteria etc - Yes Yes
Filter data - Yes Yes
Full Text Search - Yes Yes
Charts - Yes Yes
Create summary records (Categorise data) to gather statistics on multiple data. I.e. Number of Helpdesk calls per day. Calc Average, Median and GeoMedian time over a time period display as individual records - - Yes
Pivot Tables for categories and creating powerful summaries - - Yes
Scan and process whole directory or match file spec - - Yes
Link output data from multiple views or databases. Create single database records with data combined from multiple sources - - Yes
Use Notes Formula Language to create column values

For example, @CREATED, @MODIFIED @ACCESSED to tell when a document is created, modified or last accessed

@DBLOOKUP to look up values based on completed fields (Db Link feature [in field selection "lk") provides similar functionality.

- - Yes
Email reports on complete - Yes Yes
Schedule reports via background agent - Yes Yes
Web Interface - Prompts for filters not supported (limited) - Yes Yes

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