ExportWiz Licensing

ExportWiz Single and Multi User Licensing

ExportWiz Licensing

Any ExportWiz user may create reports on any database that is accessible to that user. There is no restriction on the number of databases a user may create reports for.

An ExportWiz license is perpetual and does not have to be renewed as long as it is used within the terms and conditions. 

There are three license types available:

  • Single user
  • Multi-user
  • Enterprise

There are 3 variants of ExportWiz available:

  • ExportWiz Lite (FREE)
  • ExportWiz Standard
  • ExportWiz Pro

ExportWiz Licensing - More Information

Any single or multi-user license gives you the right to use one copy of the ExportWiz database installed to either an IBM Lotus Notes Domino server or to a local workstation but not both.

A license is required for each unique user. Uniqueness is determined by the Lotus Notes username.

An enterprise license gives you the right to use as many copies of the ExportWiz database you want in your organisation and does not restrict the number of users in any way.

Single or Multi-user license installation types

If loaded at a workstation a minimum of a single 1 user license is required for each workstation (It is possible you may need more than one license on a workstation if that station is shared by more than one user).

If it is loaded at the server a license is required for each user that accesses the ExportWiz database. Multi-user licenses are available for this purpose.

Please note: There is no additional software required on users workstations (except Excel). They access ExportWiz database directly from the server.

Licenses are in predefined license levels only of 1, 2, 5, 10, 20, 50 or 100.

Also available on request are 200, 500, 1000 or enterprise licenses. Please note an enterprise may be better value than one of these depending on the size of you company.


User Level Upgrades

To add new users you must upgrade to the appropriate user level. 

Some examples

  • If you have a 1 user license and want to upgrade to 2 user license you would upgrade to the 2 user license. 
  • If you have a 1 license and want to upgrade to a 3 user license you must upgrade to the next license level available which is 5.

Currently you must contact us to upgrade. We will be automating this shortly.

Version Upgrades

Minor releases are provided free of charge. Major version upgrades are however not usually provided free of charge but may be purchased as a version upgrade. I.e. A license does not entitle the user to free version upgrades unless it is explicitly specified with the product. We sell maintenance and upgrades as options. If you are interested in more details about these please contact us.

Upgrade costs

You can calculate upgrade cost here:

Upgrade Here

If for any reason you are not fully satisfied with any of our products we offer a full 60 day money back guarantee.